Join Us and Study at Our Department

Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are accredited for tuition in Czech language. Only the PhD program in Anthropology is accredited in English. For more information, see the bottom of this page and the MUNI Program catalog.

If you would like to participate in an undergraduate study program at our department, you can apply through various international mobility programs offered by MUNI Centre for International Cooperation.

At the moment, only non-degree exchanges and internships are offered at the Department of Anthropology.

What awaits you?

In case of exchanges – study stay mobilities, you can take courses that explore in depth the variability of the human body and how human cultures and societies change over time. One of the offered courses will allow you to work on a group or individual scientific project and find out your strengths in the process of writing scientific papers.
If you choose an internship stay, you will participate in the daily scientific activities of our department using state-of-the-art methods and digital technologies. You will gain hands-on experience with medical imaging devices, drones, 3D printing and virtual reality. You will also gain a variety of skills applicable outside of the anthropology practice.

What do you have to do?

Find detailed information about the application at the MUNI CIC website. Contact us here with your project ideas for an internship and you will be redirected to available traineeship supervisors.

Bachelor's degree

Learn about humans as never before, from the detailed structure and function of their bodies to the development of human cultures from prehistory to the present.

Master's Degree

Expand your knowledge. Study the evolution of social forms and human cultures, as well as human biological variability and adaptability at the behavioral, social, and cultural levels. Learn about forensic anthropology, ergonomics, and cutting-edge digital technologies.
Become an expert with a broad theoretical and practical knowledge of anthropology.

PhD Degree

We prepare top anthropology experts for scientific careers in academic institutions, but also for possible employment in companies with research facilities, medical institutions, and institutions with historical-archaeological (archaeological institutions, museums, heritage institutes), forensic and security focus in national (Police of the Czech Republic) and international environments (UN, NGOs).

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