Selection of Final Thesis Topics

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When Should I Choose a Topic?

For bachelor theses, the latest deadline for choosing a thesis topic is the end of September in the third year of the bachelor's study program. It is possible, and students are welcome to choose topics earlier, even during the second year of their bachelor's studies.

Master's thesis topics are chosen in the autumn semester of the 1st year of master's studies.

How to Choose a Topic That I Will Enjoy?

The first place to look for inspiration is the pool of available final thesis topics in IS MU. Supervisors - thesis advisors insert topics into the pool that correspond to their research focus and activities of the Department of Anthropology.

It is certainly beneficial to inform oneself about available topics and actively search for them within the pool of themes.

How should I proceed when I have a topic selected?

If you find a topic in the pool of topics that you like and the topic is still available, you apply for it.

Then follows the refinement of the topic - communication and discussion with the supervisor. When both the student and the supervisor are satisfied with the assignment, they confirm it by clicking on the "Yes - I confirm the assignment" button (first the student confirms, then the supervisor). The thesis assignment is then handed over to the agenda of the head of the department, who finally approves the assignment. The head of the department reviews the assignment, consults it with the supervisors, and if necessary, returns it for revisions. If there is a change in the wording of the topic, the entire approval cycle starts again (student - supervisor - department director).

We recommend that you start negotiating the topic with your supervisor earlier (for bachelor thesis topics during the spring semester of the 2nd year of the Bachelor's program) to allow time for approval of the topic. It's definitely a good idea to inform yourself about available topics and actively search for them in the pool of topics or preliminarily negotiate with a potential supervisor.

How should I proceed when I can't find any topic in the pool that interests me?

Supervisors annually update topic bundles. The topics most closely align with the current focus of the department, ongoing projects, and the research of individual supervisors.

However, it may happen that you have an idea for your own topic. In that case, contact a supervisor from the pool of academic staff at the Department of Anthropology whose research interests align most closely with your topic. He/she will assess whether the topic is feasible and under what conditions. If both sides agree, the topic will be approved, and the process will proceed as described in the preceding point.

We recommend paying attention to topics announced by foreign academic staff of our department. Choosing from this selection of topics allows students to broaden perspectives on the topic to be addressed, and the ability to discuss a scientific topic in a foreign language at an international level increases the graduate's chances on the job market.

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