Fidentis project: Forensic Identification Based on 3D Facial Models

FIDENTIS is a joint project investigated at the Laboratory of Morphology and Forensic Anthropology (LaMorFA), Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Science MU, and The Human Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCILAB), Faculty of Informatics MU. This project examines human face morphology based on 3D recordings. The project combines state-of-the-art knowledge of human biology, physical anthropology, digital and information technology with biometrics, facial recognition, and personal identification requirements. This research has thus far made significant contributions in the domain of forensic science and criminalistics. Investigations continue to advance in relation to the current need to fight crime in cases where 3D digital recordings of the human body serve as evidence.

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FIDENTIS Analyst is a target-orientated user-friendly computer interface for processing 3D meshes of human faces. The program enables a variety of 3D facial morphological analyses designed for forensic purposes, such as 3D facial composite construction, automated landmark localization, face-to-face comparison and analysis of facial morphological variation via batch processing. The software features a server-based stripped down version of the FIDENTIS 3D Face Database. Given its customized setting the software is suitable for a wide range of users, both professionals (researchers, academics, forensic experts) and the general public.

FIDENTIS databáze 3D obličejů

The FIDENTIS 3D Face Database (F3D-FD, FIDENTIS Database) a biometric database of human 3D faces and associated documentation accessible via web-based environment. The objective of the database is to serve as a reference sample mapping inter- or intra-population variation for the purpose of clinical diagnostics and advancing research in biomedical areas and to facilitate research and development in the field of 3D face recognition by providing an access to large-scale quantitative data.

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