Microscopy of Hard Tissues of the Teeth

The hard tissues of the teeth have a unique property – the ability to record metabolic changes during formation. This record is maintained throughout the tooth's existence, enabling a precise chronological reconstruction of childhood and adolescence developmental periods. A database of tooth samples (both extracted and spontaneously lost) is being created in our laboratory, including detailed descriptive data about the tooth and its original proprietor. The main goal of the project is to create a documented sample of teeth collected from individuals with known medical and personal histories. This would allow us to compare the ontogenetic record in the microstructure of teeth with specific events in individuals’ lives through analyses on histological sections of sampled teeth. In addition to examining associations between stress indicators and specific life events (with the aim of identifying ontogenetic stressors), a documented collection of teeth will be created and used to examine tooth morphology and ontogenetic phases.

Further Information on the Project Informed Consent (PDF) Example of the Questionnaire Statement of the Ethics Committee (PDF)

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